CrossCard™ - Crossword Cards

Crossword cards – a new idea everyone will enjoy!

Ordinary postcards only have short “lifetimes” – people look at the picture, read the message on the back, and put the card down. That’s all. The card is “finished with”. The same can be said of greeting cards. Only a few seconds of “lifetime” while the message is read. Then the card is put down, perhaps for ever... or thrown away after a short time.

CrossCard™ is a different concept in cards. These cards have a longer “lifetime” than ordinary cards, and bring something more than just a personal greeting!

The first postcards appeared in Austria in 1869, and the first crossword ever compiled saw the light of day on 21 December 1913. Neither cards nor crosswords have gone out of fashion since. The CrossCard™ concept has simply combined the two – making cards with crosswords on them. Several different types of crossword are available on all types of card – postcards, congratulation cards, birthday and anniversary cards, Valentines, Halloween greetings, etc. With such a wide variety in the range, there is something for every taste.

The card concept was developed by a crossword compiler with many years of experience of designing crosswords. The design and utility design of the concept as a whole are protected and patented in Norway, in the EU countries and in Australia. Patent pending in other countries, including the USA.

The cards have a picture on the front, with a crossword and space for a personal greeting inside.

Crossword cards can be used in different ways on different occasions: if you can imagine it, you can do it. Here are a few examples:

  • Birthdays
    Imagine several different cards for different age groups. Children and young people do crosswords too.

  • “Get well” cards
    Patients in hospital are often bored, but crossword lovers would welcome a visit from a friend who brought a greeting and a card – a crossword card.

  • Jubilees, anniversaries etc
    Congratulations on wedding anniversaries or other special days. Or congratulations on buying a new house or flat, having the first baby, or passing a driving test.

  • Seasonal cards
    Special cards for Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, Valentines etc.
    “I love you” cards
    “From me to you”
    “Thinking of you”
    “You’re my one and only” etc.
    Cards with charming or funny pictures, such as a little girl cuddling a teddy bear (“You are my one and only”)

  • Local cards and cards about towns
    These can show a motif picturing a town, a tourist attraction or the like, with a solution that says: “Greetings from (name of the place).” Cards like that might be specifically designed for municipalities, agents in the travel industry or operators at destinations who want to add a new twist to cards for tourists.

  • Company profiles
    An amusing new way to draw up the company profile. Some of the words in the crossword could be related to the company’s products or services, or customers might be able to send in the solution by SMS or e-mail, perhaps with a small prize as an incentive.

  • Advertising campaigns
    A company wishing to promote a new product or service, or perhaps hoping to draw attention to a sales campaign can do it with crossword cards sent by post to customers. Customers could be asked to send in the answer, which would feature the product or service, by SMS or e-mail. If the cards are numbered, it is easy to set up an extra “lottery” too. (- Come into our shop and see if you’ve won!)

  • Sudoku
    The general addiction to Sudoku is raging as never before, so of course there are also individualised cards with Sudoku.